A Fun-Filled Week

*Note: Written a few weeks ago, but didn’t get to post – my sd card reader decided to play mean, and I wanted to wait until I could get my photos.

Spring break is long over. Cue the long sigh. It’s back to reality for my littles and me. The sad thing is that it’s Wednesday, and it’s barely dawning on us. Monday’s routine was a little shaky; Tuesday morning went by a lot smoother. It would have been great had it not been for my cursed allergies, but I digress.

We had a blessed week visiting loved ones and having fun. It was no international resort adventure, but we definitely had a blast surrounded by family. Here’s a few snippets of our fun-filled week.

Blue bonnets and Littles. A perfect ending to a wonderful week.

Setting: San Antonio

Tuesday – Spent some time at my home away from home away from home. Yes…the bookstore…more specifically, Half Price Book Store. I love that place. My sister sold some of her old books. I would have sold some of mine too; however, being that we were out-of-town, and it was either the kid’s bags or my books, I had to make the adult choice of taking the kid’s belongings. I know. I know. I should have taken the books. All joking aside, my sister made some money and showered my son and me with some new reads. I’ve been wanting to get Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave and a new Jack Reacher book which is what I got. Scored!! We got Caleb a few readers and a used Wii U Amiibo. Overall, it was a great trip to the book store. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love books, and I can read like crazy if given the time and the right book, but it’s just difficult to do when the only bookstores in your city require you to sell your organs on the black market to purchase a good read. And yes, I have Kindle, and I do most of my book shopping and reading on the app, but there’s something about getting an actual paperback in your hands.

My sister and her load of books to trade. Load 1 of 3.
This is one patient camper. Waiting for his aunt to splurge on his new reads.
Not so patient anymore…smiling on the inside. 

Wednesday – Shopped a bit. BOAST ALERT!! Thanks to a $10 off $10 dollars spent coupon and a 60% sale rack I paid only $1.02 for $61.00 worth of clothing. That’s right!! In in reality, I didn’t even pay the that…I had $18.00 left on a gift card from Christmas that I tote around in my purse which paid the dollar and some. Excellent! (in Mr. Burn’s voice). I was stoked to say the least. After that we celebrated (an overstatement) my savings by having lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I unfortunately wouldn’t recommend that one. It’s off of 1604 and my sister and I should have tried harder to convince my mother to choose another place. Later that day, I took my Caleb to see Lego Batman, and all I can say is – Awesome! We loved the movie. It has great visuals and music, and a wonderful moral overall. This was a much-needed momma and son date.

Thursday – We drove all the way back to Laredo to pick up the hubby. He was still working. My mother needed to file her taxes and she gets them done with an ancient accountant. Yes…a little offensive, but honestly. I think it’s time for her to change accountants when he mistakes my 9 month old Alina for his 3 month old granddaughter.Why would we be carrying his granddaughter? That…and he caught a grievous mistake he made on her return right before submitting it – a $1000.00 dollar difference. Come on now! Sorry…I still can’t believe it. Once that was over, we all drove back to San Antonio to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Friday – We bummed around my mom’s ’til around noon. I then took a few photos of my sister for her college portfolio. That was a little fun. Dolled her up and took some nice pics outside. The cloudy sky gave great natural light. Later that afternoon my husband and I took the kids to visit the new Witte Museum. I highly recommend it. We were going to take him to the Doseum, but my dino-crazed son wanted to see the dinosaurs at the Witte. After explaining to him that there would be more activities for him at the Doseum, he asked, “But do they have dinosaurs?” The new Witte it was. He actually did very well, and the new museum has many interactive features for adults and children to enjoy. Alina stayed awake for the entire visit, although she was more into her teether than any of the displays. Who would’ve known?  Teether vs. awesome Native American exhibit. Teether! In the evening, with grandma babysitting miss Alina, my hubby and I enjoyed a round of mini golf with my mini me. It was his first time. He loved it; as for Joe and me, we couldn’t stop laughing. Each green was nothing but comedics from my son attempting to master the game.

Saturday – This was by far the best day. Though we started off later than we had hoped, my husband and I had a wonderful time. My mother watched our littles as we drove off to La Cantera. Though the original plan was to take a day trip to Fredericksburg again, we had some timing issues thanks to our littles. Four hours of walking, talking, and shopping did us good. We were just glad to have some time alone to talk about “grown-up stuff.” We ended our day with a late lunch/early dinner at the Yard House. We even had a complimentary appetizer because they were taking too long, which we didn’t even realize because we were enjoying each other’s company. The Yard House is a must when at La Cantera.

Enjoying her time with Grandma.


All in all, it was a wonderful Spring Break. We were so blessed to spend time with family. I hope you all had, or will have, a great week off from school as well.



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