Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

On Sunday I had a wake up call. I saw a picture of me that was far from flattering and I knew that I had to make a change. Since I had my little girl last May I’ve gone back and forth from eating healthy and exercising. Because of my husband’s hectic work schedule, my 7 year old’s extracurricular schedule, my baby girl’s defiance of a normal routine at times, as well as my own crazy life, I’ve kind of laxed on the whole workout routine I was use to.


Not that there any good excuses for not taking care of one’s self, but I always seemed to be “out of time” when it came to taking care of myself. Anyways, seeing this picture of me, and no, it’s not to horrifying, but it was enough to light that spark that died out somewhere between October and November. Eating “healthyish” was not going to do much, and I know for a fact that my body needs heavy-duty cardio and weights to burn the fat that I want to lose.

For those who know me, I’m usually the one friend that orders a salad at a burger joint not because I want to lose weight, but because I really do love salads. I remember eating like a “bunny” since I was young. My mom would make vegetable caldo (soup) practically every week, and my father would pack me salads for lunch because I refused to eat cafeteria food. Spoiled. Yes. Spoiled with love! Vegetarian? Heck no! I love bacon, and refuse to give that up! Anyways, it’s not so much the eating part I have a problem with; I have very strong will when it comes to going cold turkey on the wrong kinds of food. With that said, yesterday I returned to my healthy eating/living lifestyle because that’s what it is. I hate the word diet, and I refuse to use it as a verb. I do not diet! I just eat healthy. Is there a certain diet I stick to? Yes. But I do not diet!

Yesterday, I started off with 2 egg whites, 2 corn tortillas, salsa verde, and a pinch of Monterrey Jack. I made a healthy version of Chilequiles. I don’t fry the tortillas, but I do get them a little toasty in coconut oil. Delicious! For my 10 o’clock meal, I had a  Starkist Lemon Pepper Tuna Packet, and a raw green bell pepper julienned. At 1 o’clock, I ate sautéed chicken, green beans, and brown rice and quinoa. At 4 0’clock, I ate apple slices with peanut butter – not my typical afternoon snack, but it hit the spot. For supper, I baked orange pepper tilapia with brown rice and quinoa, and green beans. It was delicious. (recipe will be posted later today).

Monday Weigh In – 144 lbs

Goal – 130 lbs

Hopefully, with the support of my hubby, I can definitely keep this up again. I’ll update you on my progress. Wish me luck. 🙂

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