Banana Orange Smoothie

For the last few weeks my hubby was craving a banana milkshake/smoothie. We’d go to different places, and for some reason no one sold banana smoothies, at least from the places we would go to. We ended up going to one of our favorite snack places, and voila, banana licuados, milkshakes. He ordered it and i saw him take the first sip, and by the look on his face, I knew it wasn’t what he was looking for. It was too sweet; the sugar masked the banana flavor. Later that night, as if by design, one of those food videos pops up on our Facebook feed – orange banana smoothie. Jackpot!

Orange juice, bananas, & vanilla Greek yogurt

Now, I’m sure I could have easily thrown some bananas, milk, and ice in a blender and call it a day, but I’m not much of a shake person, especially if I have to make it. Recipes for shakes, at least the ones my hubby wants to try seem to involve some level of rocket science that I’m just not willing to deal with, which is ironic because I’m the first to bake something from scratch if I feel like it. I digress. So there on my Facebook feed was a video of a very simple and appealing banana orange smoothie. Something that this busy momma can whip up in a few minutes.

Another issue when it comes to me actually making banana “anything” for the hubby is that I really can’t stand bananas. The smell, the taste, the feel…everything about bananas just rub me the wrong way. Why is this a problem you ask? Well, every good baker/chef knows that you have to taste your food. If I can’t stand the taste of banana, how am I supposed to judge if the final product tastes any good?!

I decided to put my dislike for the oddly shaped fruit aside and attempt this seemingly simple recipe.

Ingredients (serves 1):

1 banana

1/4 cup orange juice

1 container of vanilla Greek Yogurt

ice (as much or as little as you want)

My eye-balled orange juice…give or take 1/4 cup

In a blender, I used a single serving blender because it’s just simpler, but feel free to use whichever blender suits your fancy, pour in your orange juice. To be honest, I completely eye-balled the orange juice.  It just all depends. If you’re more of a citrus person, then just pour in a little more

Bananas and orange juice

Then throw in your pieces of banana. Mind you, if you’re using a NINJA, you could throw the whole banana without worrying. Then add your vanilla Greek Yogurt (you can use regular vanilla yogurt if you want) and blend.

Yogurt, banana, and orange juice blended
Add as much ice as you like

Once you’ve blended the ingredients until nice and smooth, throw in your ice. I used only 3 ice cubes because my orange juice was already cold.

Looks good so far…
Amount of one serving

As my husband was getting ready for work while I prepped this milkshake, I figured I’d have my true taste tester try the concoction. Caleb, my 7-year-old, inquisitively made his way over and took a sip of the smoothie. As his eyes lit up, and he walked away with the smoothie I had just made for his father, I figured it was a hit, and started on another right away.

I definitely recommend this easy to make orange banana smoothie. It’s healthy, and from the looks of it, in high demand in the Villanueva household. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

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