Caleb’s Silly-isms

This page is dedicated to my loving, and carefree son, Caleb Jose Villanueva. I honestly believe this child should have his own comedy show. This kid cracks me up. I can always count on him to turn my long day around. Momma loves you!

Oldie, but goody. Early morning, husband and I getting everything ready to head off to work. Three year old Caleb is in the living room ready for daycare. Also important to know – Caleb’s new word at school was “genius,” so I tried using it with him as often as possible.

Me: “Caleb, what do you want to take for snack today? Strawberries, yogurt, or cookies?”

Caleb: “Candy.”

Me: “No, you can’t have candy.”

Caleb: “Fine. Raspberries.”

Me: “We didn’t buy raspberries. We bought strawberries. We have raspberry yogurt, though. See, Momma’s a genius because she bought you raspberry yogurt, your favorite.”

Caleb (snarkily, and facing away from me): “You’re not a genius because you didn’t invent the light bulb.”

Hubby starts laughing hysterically as I try my best not to. Schooled by a three year old.

Lord, have mercy.

3 yr old Caleb @ Daycare with his yogurt drink


Driving to Yaya’s for a Carne Asada on  a Thursday evening. Husband and I asking Caleb how his day was:

Me: “How was your day at school, baby?”

Caleb: “Good.”

Husband and I wait for the rest as crickets chirp in the background.

Me: “What did you learn today?”

Silence consumes the car.

My husband: “Caleb, get your head out of that tablet, and tell your mom what you learned today.”

Caleb: “Oh. I learned about Pickle Bills.”

Silence on our part.

Me: “Who?”

Caleb: “You know. Pickles Bill…and the tornado.”

I start laughing as I see my husband’s bewildered expression.

Me: “Do you mean, Pecos Bill? The legend about Pecos Bill roping the twister.”

Caleb: “Yes. That’s what I said. Pickles Bill and the tornado.”

Lord, have mercy.

My love bug.

Heading to church on a Friday evening. 

Caleb: “Mom, I’m hungry.”

Me: “Caleb, you just ate. How are you already hungry?”

Caleb: “I don’t know. I’m hungry.”

My Husband: “Caleb…why are you hungry?”


Caleb: “I just want a snack.”

Me: “Caleb, we have snacks at home.”

Caleb: “Let’s get a cookies and cream.”

My Husband: “We’re not spending money on a milkshake, when you have perfectly good yogurt at home.”

Me: “Anyways Caleb, there’s no money right now to be wasting at a drive thru.”

Caleb: “Fine. Fine. Let’s just go to a restaurant then.”

Husband and I stare blankly at each other.

Lord, have mercy. 

My son at one of “many” restaurants we go to.

Shopping at Sears. Caleb sees a chair and decides to role play. 

Caleb: “Mom, who am I?”

Me: “Caleb, what are you doing?”

Caleb: “I’m Ham Lincoln.”

Hubby: “Who?”

Caleb: “You know. Ham Lincoln. The president.”

Me: “Do you mean, Abraham Lincoln?”

Caleb: “That’s what I said. Ham Lincoln.”

Lord, have mercy.

Mr. Ham Lincoln. Hail to the Chief.

Another oldie, but goody. I was placing our belongings in the car in 100 degree weather. Three yr.old Caleb waiting for me to finish, so I can place him in his car seat. Another must know, Caleb was obsessed with Olaf from Disney’s Frozen

Caleb: Momma

Me: Hold on, Caleb.

Caleb: Momma, hurry.

Me: Hold on, baby. I’m almost done.

Caleb: Momma…I’m milking!!!

Me: What?!

Caleb: It’s so hot, I’m milking!

Me: You mean, melting. You’re melting. You’re not a cow, you don’t milk!

Lord, have mercy. 

My 3 year old, Caleb, all pouty from “milking” on a hot Texas day. And yes, those are cowboy boots with a baseball uniform. lol.