This Year’s Feb. 14th

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all!


My husband and I have never really been the type to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re not really boycotting the commercialism behind the day, but it just really never seemed like something we go out of our way to celebrate. (I do get awesome gifts though.Thanks, my love.) These last few years though have been a little different, mainly because of our son Caleb, and recently our baby girl, Alina.

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Banana Orange Smoothie

For the last few weeks my hubby was craving a banana milkshake/smoothie. We’d go to different places, and for some reason no one sold banana smoothies, at least from the places we would go to. We ended up going to one of our favorite snack places, and voila, banana licuados, milkshakes. He ordered it and i saw him take the first sip, and by the look on his face, I knew it wasn’t what he was looking for. It was too sweet; the sugar masked the banana flavor. Later that night, as if by design, one of those food videos pops up on our Facebook feed – orange banana smoothie. Jackpot!

Orange juice, bananas, & vanilla Greek yogurt

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A Penny Saved


I rarely make resolutions when the new year comes around; however, this year I am hell-bent to save some money. I want to teach my son to save as well, and prove to my husband that I can accomplish this monetary task (mind you, I’m more of the coupon cutter than he is). We’re not what you’d call splurgers, or impulse buyers, but we’re not “rolling in the dough” either. So…I’ve decided to try the “simple” 52-Week Money Saving Challenge. I’m sure many of you have heard of this challenge. It’s far from new, but I wanted to try my best with this one before I tackle the $5,000 or $10,000 challenges. 😉

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My So-Called Hiatus

On our drive towards Fredericksburg, Tx

It’s been a while since I’ve last written, much less published, on here. I’ve been uber busy with life. As many might know, blogging is probably the fifth or sixth priority on my list of priorities. Life got busy with my hubby and his new work schedule, my two littles’ school and daycare, and with work. I could’ve written during the winter break, but to be honest, I was actually taking the break from everything else going on. Anyways, I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on.

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“We Shouldn’t Teach Great Books…”

B.F. Skinner, a psychologist and behaviorist, once wrote: “We shouldn’t teach great books, we should teach a love of reading.” Skinner’s words ring true. As a high school reading teacher, my heart aches when I encounter a student who lacks the enthusiasm, much less the desire, to read. Mind you, I completely understand that there are those who prefer not to read, but I’m of the school of thought that the ability to read, and to appreciate what one reads, empowers.

Unfortunately, so many teachers, both at the elementary and at the high school level, tend to place the importance of a book before the importance of the skill. As a teacher, one quickly learns that the “many” reasons students “hate” reading  trickle down to two main factors: (1) people lack the fundamental reading skills needed for comprehension (2) books are seen as unimportant in the overall scheme of life.

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FaWiSp – Oh, How You Tease!

On September 22nd the nation woke up to welcome Autumn. Such a pleasant season for many. It’s a time when shorts and a nice baggy long sleeve are completely doable. It’s a time when crisp leaves turn all shades of colors like golden-yellow, dusky red, and amber orange. What? Let’s enjoy a pumpkin spice latte on our porch swing as the brisk October air whispers the secrets of Fall in our ears. Why, yes. Yes, I will. As I sit back taking in the sweet aroma of fallen foliage, the sound of children playing in the colorful leaf piles, and the feel of fresh Autumn air, that’s when it hits me. I’m thrust back into my reality. This is Laredo. There is no sweet Autumn aroma. There are no piles of raked colorful leaves. No. Instead, we have yet, another two months of summer. September 22nd – you mean nothing to me. You do nothing but tease.

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Vicarious Living

Looking back I can recall my parents doing their best to provide my sister and me with chances for extracurricular activities. As a child, summer camps, exciting programs, and sports were all I heard my friends talk about. However, the whole “soccer mom” concept was lost to me. My mom wasn’t a “soccer mom.” My mom was a working mom. She worked hard to put food on the table and to pay the bills, and unfortunately that’s as far as it got. Any “extras” were luxuries we couldn’t afford. And as a child, I think I had a vague understanding that those “extras” just weren’t in the cards. My mother was the only one with an income, and even if she were to have made enough money to pay for extracurricular activities, my father would not have been physically able to take my sister or me to said programs/activities.

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Thank God for Thoughtful Husbands

There are times when one forgets how blessed they are to be married to their spouse. We remember all the work they put in on the important days, but we should take time to pause and reflect on all the little moments in life that were made easier or better because of them. We need to take the time, to say thank you for all they do. Men need to feel loved and appreciated too. Love you, babe. Thanks for sharing the load with me. 

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