This Year’s Feb. 14th

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all!


My husband and I have never really been the type to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re not really boycotting the commercialism behind the day, but it just really never seemed like something we go out of our way to celebrate. (I do get awesome gifts though.Thanks, my love.) These last few years though have been a little different, mainly because of our son Caleb, and recently our baby girl, Alina.


Schools, as many of you might know, make a HUGE deal about the day. So there we are, creating Valentine’s Day Boxes and writing names on cartoon cards so our children could celebrate the day with their friends. Even my little Alina joined in on the fun at her daycare this year. This once normal day for Joe and me, I can now say, comes to life.

As I picked my son up from school, he proudly carried his Hulk designed box with him. The Hulk carried within him candies and cards. He knew the Hulk was such a romantic. Anyways, we got home and my son couldn’t wait to show me each of his 19 Valentine’s Day cards – one from each of his classmates.

Caleb with his Hulk Valentine’s Box

Even my little Alina came home with her goodies. She had 8 cards from her baby peers (beyond adorable). She also had a goody bag filled with Mum Mums and Gerber treats. There was even a Little Debbie snack that her father quickly claimed. And, of course, The Mother Of The Year Award goes to me because I forgot to take a picture of her with her cute outfit. :/

As for my husband and meI, well, we really didn’t celebrate this year either. Once again, we’re not making a statement or objecting to the concept behind the day, this time we didn’t celebrate because my poor husband was sick with the Flu. Yup. He started with fever the night before, and before we knew it, the doctor was prescribing him Tamiflu. So, there you have it. But I will proudly say that he drove (with slight fever which worried and upset me) to my work to drop off lunch and a gift. Such a sweetheart he is.

My gift from the hubby. The bracelet and the little girl charm. 🙂

So, all in all, it wasn’t too bad of a “celebration” for Saint Valentine’s Day, well besides the hubby getting the Flu, and me forgetting to take a picture of my daughter’s first Valentine’s day. :/

I hope you all spent it well. 🙂


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