My So-Called Hiatus

On our drive towards Fredericksburg, Tx

It’s been a while since I’ve last written, much less published, on here. I’ve been uber busy with life. As many might know, blogging is probably the fifth or sixth priority on my list of priorities. Life got busy with my hubby and his new work schedule, my two littles’ school and daycare, and with work. I could’ve written during the winter break, but to be honest, I was actually taking the break from everything else going on. Anyways, I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on.


November flew by so quickly. My family and I were blessed to spend it together. No traveling this year. Typical Laredo blessing, it was in the 90’s  as we cut the turkey. The kids were having a blast in the Sunday’s best outside on the jumpy house my cousin purchased for such occasions. Unfortunately, because of the blistering heat (at least for a November day) I couldn’t get my son to take a decent photo with out the sweat stains, reddened cheeks, and wrinkled apparel. I did take a lovely little pic of my little Alina in her Thanksgiving attire. Well, as lovely as it could get with a fidgety 6 month old. Forget the family photo this year. I was lucky to get this one. I accepted the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen.

Miss Alina – November 25, 2016


December rolled around, and before you know it, the entire family came down with one thing or the other. My son, thanks to his great immune system, only dealt with a 24 hour stomach bug. By the next day he was new again. I was then plagued with a 48 hour stomach virus, which the only thing positive I got out of it was the 6 lb weight loss. Then my husband got the stomach virus; however, he got it the worst. He was diagnosed with H. Pylori infection. I convinced him that it was a good thing he got the virus because it allowed the doctors to find out he had this infection. It was a good 15 days of antibiotics for him and a staggering  12 lb weight loss. Of course, the one that had me worried the most was my little Alina. She, thankfully, did not catch our stomach bug, thanks to my quick rule of quarantining. No. Instead she started a terrible 3 week virus of coughing, mucous, and low-grade fevers. She had good days, and then she’d have bad days. I practically lived at the doctor’s office. I’m sure we’ve met our deductible by then. The doctor ran tests and tests, and assured me that she didn’t have infections, or a severe case of respiratory viral infection which is what my husband and I feared the most. She was just suffering from nasal congestion. Of course, no parent wants to hear their 6 month old coughing phlegm. It was a torturous 3 weeks for us. That’s how we spent our Christmas break. Watching and listening for any sign of sickness from our little one.

On the upside, we did get to spend time with my mother and stepfather in San Antonio. It helped a lot. Thanks to ongoing illnesses at home and the chaotic “Christmas” doings, my husband and I hadn’t really spent much time together. On our two week vacation we were able to do some nice sight seeing around hill country. Thank God for grandparents.


And before we knew it…we said goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. It was the first time we spent New Year’s at home which we needed more than we knew. My husband and I returned to work on January 3rd. It was back to reality. My little Caleb swore that I told him that he had a 14 year break, not a 14 day break – what a terrible mother I am. It took him about a week to readjust. Alina did good. I thought she would struggle the most getting back to routine, but no, she did beautifully.

And here I am today. Writing to you, and I guess, to myself, about the fast-paced 3 months that I took a little “break” from writing. I hope you all had a wonderful winter break, and I pray that you have a blessed 2017. I’ll be back writing and publishing. 😉


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