Thank God for Thoughtful Husbands

There are times when one forgets how blessed they are to be married to their spouse. We remember all the work they put in on the important days, but we should take time to pause and reflect on all the little moments in life that were made easier or better because of them. We need to take the time, to say thank you for all they do. Men need to feel loved and appreciated too. Love you, babe. Thanks for sharing the load with me. 

My son’s school was hosting an extended library hours day yesterday from 3 to 5 pm. They have one each month which gives parents a chance to share quality reading time with their kids, and to help them earn Accelerated Reading (AR) points. I teach high school, so I unfortunately get out a whole hour after elementary. At 4:15, I thanked God that there was no afterschool meeting, and I flew across town. I was parking the car at Kazen Elementary by 4:30. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Anyways, Caleb and I were able to get a good 30 minutes of reading and testing time. My baby did so well for his first time AR testing, earning a 100 on of the books we read.  We checked out three other books as the librarian called out closing time.

Caleb and I drove to the nearby daycare to pick up Miss Alina. She did well according to her teachers. A+ in sleeping, eating, and pooping. Such a wonderful pupil! Four months old and she’s already on the dean’s list at Golden Steps Child Development Center.

We then treated ourselves to a small chocolate frosty at Wendy’s. Mind you, this stop could have been avoided, but who are we kidding. After the busy day and afternoon (just at work) like mine, you’d be shoving that frosty down too.

It was 5:30 by the time we got to the house. Caleb gets down with his frosty, obviously the most important of all things to carry, and leaves me to carry everything else. And being the master balancer that I am, I miraculously carried the baby (in her car seat), her diaper bag, her lunch bag (she’s spoiled and takes her momma’s milk to school), my school bag, my purse, my lunch bag, Caleb’s back pack, Caleb’s lunch bag, and all while readying the house keys in my hand. Wonder Woman move over!

As we settle into our after school routine of placing emptied bottles in the sink, used lunch bags on the counter, and back packs in their appropriate nesting areas, I look at the time and let out an exhausted sigh and turn on the TV. I rock Alina while Caleb begins to play; he knows that homework will commence once Momma puts the baby in her swing. While the Nightly News comes on, the evening calculations begin to dance in my head: If I get started on dinner right now, and hold off on pumping for Alina’s lunch tomorrow, then I can help Caleb with his homework and have him finished by 7:15ish…Or…I can pump first…that’ll take 20 minutes. Then get Caleb started on homework, and then start dinner, but then we’ll be eating dinner late…What if I… and as I trailed off on option 3, I heard the sound of relief. The door opened up and there he was. My savior. My love.

And with a kiss and a hug I’m greeted by my hubby. All stress fades away as he volunteers to cook us some burgers.


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