Guilty As Charged

Balancing technology and family is a struggle, isn’t it? Trying to keep up with the latest trends and fads is tiring. It’s even more exhausting trying to keep up with the oodles of pings and dings coming from the cell as you try your best to focus on your loved ones. The “interesting” lives of others call to me. Smart phones, light-weight laptops, and now even watches have made it quite impossible to unplug ourselves from the lives of others to focus on those that are in front of us.

It doesn’t help that once you feel like you have a somewhat decent grasp of the newest fandangle, the 3.0 version comes sweeping in with the 4.0 version close behind. Sometimes we get so swept up with what’s going on in social media that we don’t consider what or whom we place, or push, aside. Unfortunately, the need to update our latest Facebook post, or check the number of likes on our Instagram upload is at times consuming. Please, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, or take offense. This post is directed towards me today. HOWEVER, if the shoe fits…

If I were to stand in front of a judge and jury, the evidence would sadly be overwhelming. I can hear it now as the prosecutor reads the list of charges: 

(1) Cell phone use while “talking” and “listening” to husband and children. (2) Facebook check-in while eating with family and friends. (3) Playing Words with Friends at 6 am when scriptures from the Bible could be read. 

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty as charged. 

And as the verdict is read, and I feel remorse and conviction surging through my body, I look down briefly to see a blinking blue light. Oh look, a message.

As stated earlier, this post is a self-chastisement for the day. Hopefully, I wasn’t too distracted to understand what I have to do. Signing off for today. Have a great weekend.



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